Header Tags

Header tags serve an important function for both search engines and users by informing them of the content on the page, while also providing an easy to read structure. Within our Hangout Notes we cover the importance of header tags, together with insights into how search engines read and understand them.

HTTP Vary doesn’t need to be used for varying mobile only pages

September 11, 2015 Source

If your mobile pages vary by user agent, they don’t need the http vary user agent in the headers.

Use X-Frame-Options: Deny to Prevent Pages Appearing in IFrames

April 24, 2015 Source

You can prevent your pages from appearing inside iFrames for security reasons, by including an ‘X-Frame-Options: Deny’ in the http response header.

Good Quality Category and Tag Page Can Be Indexable

April 21, 2015 Source

John supports good quality ‘category’ type tag pages which are valuable to users and worth having indexable.

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