HTTPS Migration

A HTTPS migration involves moving a domain from a HTTP protocol to a secure HTTPS protocol. Similar to a domain migration, there are several factors to consider to ensure the migration runs smoothly. We cover these within our Hangout Notes, along with further recommendations from Google.

Migrate to HTTPS If You’re Moving Domains

November 4, 2016 Source

If you are going to migrate your domain, it’s best to migrate to HTTPS at the same time. However changing URL structure and moving to a new domain is much harder for Google to pick up.

Google Recommends HTTPS

May 20, 2016 Source

Google recommends HTTPS for all websites, particularly for new websites which don’t have to worry about a migration from HTTP.

HTTPS Migrations Won’t Lose Pagerank

February 12, 2016 Source

No PageRank is lost when you redirect a domain from HTTP to HTTPS.

HTTPS Doesn’t Improve Rankings

February 12, 2016 Source

HTTPS ranking advantage is purely between your HTTP and HTTPS versions of the same page. It doesn’t offer any actual ranking improvements relative to any other website. So there is no actual benefit from migrating.

HTTP and HTTPS Domain Variations Should Be Verified in Search Console

December 23, 2014 Source

Both http and https domain variations should be verified in Webmaster Tools, but only some of the data is unique.

Verify HTTP and HTTPS in Search Console to Migrate

December 16, 2014 Source

If you migrate from HTTP to HTTPS, you need to have both verified in Webmaster Tools and set up a redirect, but you don’t need to use the change of address tool which is only for moving between different domains.

HTTPS Migrations Can Cause Issues

November 7, 2014 Source

Moving to HTTPS is complicated and has caused some unexpected problems.

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