Local Search

Different to traditional SEO, local search is the practice of optimizing a website for local audiences. To find out more about local SEO, together with best practice recommendations for optimizing your local site, our Hangout Notes cover insights and guidance from Google.

Answer Box Results Vary by Location

November 14, 2017 Source

Answer box results vary depending on location and will pull through local search results where applicable.

Wikipedia and MyBusiness Entries Help Google Understand Brands

September 5, 2017 Source

It can be tricky for Google to identify brand names from individual words. Making sure a brand is listed in places like Wikipedia page and Google MyBusiness can help Google understand that a search term is a brand name and not individual words.

Add Organization Markup & My Business for Best Chance to Be Shown in Knowledge Panel

August 25, 2017 Source

John recommends adding organization markup and Google My Business listing to give Google a stronger reason to show your business in the Knowledge Panel.

Search Console Country Targeting Doesn’t Affect Language

October 4, 2016 Source

If you target a specific country in search console then you will get a boost local rankings for that location, but it won’t impact searches for same language in a different location.

Google Doesn’t See Localised Content Added with JavaScript

October 27, 2015 Source

If you serve localised content to users via JavaScript, it wouldn’t be considered cloaking, but the content won’t be picked up by Googlebot so you can’t draw any SEO benefit from it.

Search Console Analytics Only Includes a Single Impression per SERPs Page

May 19, 2015 Source

In the new Search Analytics, if a domain appears multiple times in the same search results, it only counts as a single impression, including local results. The highest position from the results is taken and used for average calculations.

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