Google will penalize sites which are deemed low quality and spam or are seen to be using manipulative methods. This will cause websites to suffer in organic search results and can take time to rectify. As it is important to understand the cause of penalties and how to handle them, our Hangout Notes cover advice from Google with recommendations for avoiding them.

Internally Duplicated Content Isn’t Penalised But Can Waste Crawl Budget

August 24, 2018 Source

Google doesn’t penalise sites for duplicating content internally but it can waste crawl budget.

Links Can be Ignored Algorithmically and Manually by Google

August 24, 2018 Source

Links can be ignored algorithmically and manually by the Web Spam Team when they are taking manual action on a site to block the site from passing PageRank.

Avoid Linking Between Your Own Sites Unless Relevant to Avoid Manual Action

June 26, 2018 Source

Make sure you only have relevant links between the sites you own, otherwise the Google manual action team could investigate your sites for implementing link exchange tactics.

SafeSearch Requests Can Take Weeks to be Processed

June 12, 2018 Source

Requests to tell Google that your content is mistakenly being filtered by SafeSearch can take a few weeks to be processed by the SafeSearch Team.

Site Migrations Don’t Influence Google Web Spam Reviews

May 1, 2018 Source

A site migration or site move doesn’t feed into the web spam team’s plans of sites to analyse or the way they prioritise their focus.

Various Options Available If You Move To a Penalised Domain

March 27, 2018 Source

If a site has been migrated to a domain with a manual action, John recommends cancelling the site move (with the change of address tool in GSC), redirecting back from the penalised domain, or alternatively you can take steps to have the manual action removed.

Manual Actions Are Given for Sites Made Up Entirely of Duplicate Content

December 22, 2017 Source

Website rankings are only harmed by duplicate content when a site is made up purely of duplicate content. The Google algorithms and web spam team will only remove sites from the index in this circumstance.

Event Markup Needs Physical Location

December 15, 2017 Source

Event markup should only be used if the event has a physical location. Google may penalise your site in the form of a manual action if this markup is incorrect.

Links in Search Console Don’t Reflect What Algorithms or Penalties Are Using

November 28, 2017 Source

If a bad link appears in Search Console, that doesn’t mean this is automatically being included in any algorithms or penalties.

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