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Site speed relates to how fast a site is able to load the content and resources contained on it. Speed affects a user’s experience of the website while also impacting how efficiently search engines are able to identify, crawl and index content. Our Hangout Notes will help you understand the importance of having a fast site, along with advice to improve site speed. To learn more about the most important considerations around this topic, make sure you read our Ultimate Guide to Site Speed & Performance.

Google Reassessing Use of Scores in Speed Testing

June 29, 2018 Source

Google are reassessing their use of scores as part of testing tools, like PageSpeed Insights, as this can result in people focusing too much on addressing things that will improve their score rather than other areas which will have a bigger overall impact.

Testing Tools Can Incorrectly Show Scripts Aren’t Optimised

June 29, 2018 Source

Testing tools, like PageSpeed Insights, can show that scripts such as Google Analytics or AdSense aren’t optimised because they are configured for specific browsers.

Page Speed Update Will Use Scale to Assess Speed

June 29, 2018 Source

The Page Speed update will be on a scale where: the faster pages are, the more Google can take this into account. This approach is opposed to Google’s previous speed update, which only differentiated between very slow pages and all other pages.

Load Scripts After Rendering to Improve Page Speed

June 1, 2018 Source

Consider embedding scripts so that they load after the page has rendered to improve load time, especially if it is only required for functionality.

Google Will Determine Page Speed Based On User Experience

June 1, 2018 Source

Google’s mobile speed update will use a number of different factors to determine speed, including some metrics from Chrome that provide information about actual user experience. This means that you should optimise your site to be faster for users and not just Googlebot.

Google Judges Speed in the Same Way for Pages With & Without JavaScript

May 29, 2018 Source

For JavaScript rendering, Google judges speed in the same way as it does for any web page. Sites being slowed down by JavaScript are only a problem when they are really slow, a matter of seconds doesn’t matter.

Use Pre-rendering for Mobile to Avoid Issues with Google’s Speed Update

May 29, 2018 Source

Google’s mobile ‘Speed Update’ will try to get a full picture of your site’s performance and will use a variety of different metrics. JavaScript shouldn’t be an issue if you are using pre-rendering on mobile.

Google’s Mobile Speed Update Will Only Apply to Mobile Search Results

May 1, 2018 Source

The Mobile Speed Update will only apply to mobile search results so desktop results won’t be affected.

Google Looks at Overall Picture When Assessing Site Speed

April 6, 2018 Source

Google looks at the overall picture when assessing site speed because optimising for individual metrics such as Time to first byte (TTFB) might not acually improve the overall experience for users.

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