Top Level Domains (TLDs) are the domain suffix which follows the main domain name, e.g. ‘.com’, ‘’. There are over 1,000 TLDs available for websites and they can also be used to denote which country the site is based in and the language of the content. Find out more about TLDs and how they are viewed by Google within our Hangout Notes.

ccTLDs Can be Shown to Global Audience But Can’t Geotarget Other Countries

January 11, 2019 Source

Sites with a ccTLD can be relevant to countries outside of the one associated with the TLD. However, a ccTLD won’t be able to geo-target other specific countries.

ccTLDs Can’t be Applied to a General Region

August 21, 2018 Source

ccTLDs only work at a country level, so you can have ccTLDs for the different countries in Africa but you can’t have one ccTLD targeting the whole of Africa.

IP Addresses Are No Longer Used For Geotargeting or Local SEO

July 24, 2018 Source

Server IP addresses used to be a signal in the early days of Google’s geotargeting. Now Google uses ccTLD, generic TLD, hreflang, as well as settings in Google My Business and Google Search Console in combination to infer geotargeting information which is much more useful than a single IP.

Google Automatically Applies Geotargeting to ccTLDs

March 6, 2018 Source

Google will automatically apply geotargeting to ccTLDs meaning you will get a slight boost in rankings for searchers in that country.

You Can’t Disavow an Entire TLD

March 6, 2018 Source

There is no way to disavow an entire TLD. John advises against doing this as individual links aren’t reflective of the entire content of a site. Google is also getting better at recognising and ignoring unnatural links itself anyway.

Geo-targeting Can’t be Set for ccTLDs

June 27, 2017 Source

Google will promote ccTLDs for that specific country but you can’t set up geo-targeting for other countries outside of that ccTLD.

Non-Country Regional Domains are Treated As Top Level Domains

January 13, 2017 Source

Regional domains which don’t targe specific countries, such as .berlin, will be treated as top-level domains and won’t have any geographic targeting applied.

Don’t Use CCLTDs as Vanity Domains

December 9, 2016 Source

Don’t use a country specific top level domain (e.g. .it) as this will tell Google that the site is primarily for that country.

.eu and .asia Domains are Global

December 9, 2016 Source

.eu and and .asia domains are treated as generic TLDS.

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