User Generated Content

UGC is additional content on a website which has been added by a user, rather than the webmaster, such as comments. Google is able to identify any user generated content on a site and will manage it in several ways. Within our Hangout Notes we cover examples and advice for managing this type of content.

Sites Reliant on UGC Should be Mindful of Content Quality Across Site

June 15, 2018 Source

Sites with a strong focus on user-generated content can struggle to maintain a high quality of content across the site.

Sites With UGC Should Consider Noindexing Low Quality Content

March 27, 2018 Source

John recommends that sites with lots of user generated content look into to tracking which parts are high and low quality so rules can be set up to noindex low quality UGC and index high quality UGC.

Collecting Reviews Independently or Through Third Party is Fine From SEO Perspective

March 9, 2018 Source

It doesn’t matter if you collect reviews by yourself or through a third party, it makes no difference from an SEO perspective.

Google Can Assume Server Error For Non-Loading Page Components

September 19, 2017 Source

If a page has different components generating HTML and one of them looks like it’s generating a server error, Google may assume the page is returning a server error and drop it from search e.g. comment section that sometimes doesn’t load. Usually these are flagged as soft 404s in Search Console.

Websites are Responsible for User Generated Content Quality

June 12, 2017 Source

If you allow users to add content to a website, you are responsible for any content quality issues. You can use solutions like canonicals and noindex.

Testimonials and Reviews Can Add Unique Content

October 7, 2016 Source

Testimonials and user reviews can contribute additional unique content to your page.

Google Treats Comments as Primary Page Content

October 7, 2016 Source

Google doesn’t distinguish between body content and user comments, but they may differentiate other user generated content.

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