Migrating a Website with DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl reports are a crucial part of every SEO site migration project I do

Barry Adams, SEO Consultant, Polemic Digital

Confident Your Migration Won't Cost You Unnecessary Traffic and Sales?

Migrating a site is a big deal. Just ask Ryanair, who lost about 25% of their organic traffic when things didn’t quite go to plan. Or M&S, who missed out on £150 million in sales (about 8% of total online sales at the time) due to what their CEO described as ‘teething problems’ and ‘settling in’ to the new website.

But, you knew that; that’s what brought you to us.

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So, how exactly can DeepCrawl help you successfully migrate your website?

Mitigate Risk and Maintain Control throughout the Entire Migration, with a Complete View of Your Live and Staging Sites

DeepCrawl’s staging vs. live comparison feature allows you to understand the differences between both sites in a single crawl, and gradually bring them closer together through multiple comparison crawls.

This gives Google time to digest the changes during a migration process, significantly reducing your risk of lost rankings.

Test Your New XML Sitemaps

Testing a new XML Sitemap before you put it live means you can see whether any important URLs are missing from the new version, and also whether your new version is looking as expected.

(DeepCrawl tip: Put your legacy URLs in the sitemap and only start highlighting URLs from your new site once they have been indexed. This may take up to three months).

Crawl Your Site with Modified URLs

You can replace any absolute links to your live site with URLs from your staging site using the URL Rewrite function. This is useful if you are adding a specific section to your site and want to test how it will perform within the wider context of your site architecture.

Test the Impact of Removing Parameters

Our parameter removal feature lets you test the impact of telling Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools, to ignore certain parameters.

Once you’ve run a crawl with these settings applied and are happy with the setup, you can then replicate the settings in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.