DeepCrawl + Conductor Integration

The DeepCrawl and Conductor integration gives Conductor clients instant access to both technologies in a seamless, single log-in experience. Conductor provides insights to enhance content, and DeepCrawl ensures your most valuable content is found and optimized for users and bots alike.

DeepCrawl provides actionable data to ensure technical SEO success when performing:

  • Comprehensive site auditing
  • Safe site migrations
  • Competitor analysis

Conductor shows you the right content to create, optimise, and measure:

  • Organic search + content performance
  • Optimise search intent + content targeting
  • Competitive content opportunities


Max out your visibility: get discovered by both search engines and customers

With DeepCrawl you can…Understand and detect how well your sites are accessible to bots and visitors. Learn where your URLs sit inside your site’s architecture and their behaviour.

With Conductor you can… Create, optimize, and measure content to reveal insights on your current and potential visibility.



Make sure your content is set-up correctly, and resonates with your global audience

With DeepCrawl you can… Make sure your users are served the correct content: with industry-leading hreflang reporting.

With Conductor you can…Track search engine rankings by location. Get a better understanding of market and customer requirements by region.




Quickly investigate traffic losses and gains, and recover from search engine penalties fast

With DeepCrawl you can… Quickly identify why you’ve been penalized, and monitor changes to ensure issues are resolved. In-depth indexability reports for Penguin, and content reports for Panda penalties.

With Conductor you can… Get comprehensive visibility and analytics data to understand spikes and dips in your metrics.




Flawlessly execute site redesigns and migrations

With DeepCrawl you can… Crawl and compare your staging site and live sites simultaneously. Minimise risk by testing your new urls, sitemaps, and parameters so you can confidently go live.

With Conductor you can… Benchmark your visibility and organic revenue pre-migration, to minimise traffic losses post-migration.




Always know what to do, and when to do it

With DeepCrawl you can… Build crawls based on your website requirements, and monitor performance with comparison crawls and trend graphs.

With Conductor you can… Prioritize your efforts with organic strategy reporting that is based on ROI predictions.




Sam Marsden
Sam Marsden

Sam Marsden is DeepCrawl's SEO & Content Manager. Sam speaks regularly at marketing conferences, like SMX and BrightonSEO, and is a contributor to industry publications such as Search Engine Journal and State of Digital.

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