How does DeepCrawl help eCommerce sites?

We work with many of the world’s largest eCommerce and retail brands to understand the issues that these sites often run into when being optimized for organic search. DeepCrawl is the perfect companion to assist you in overcoming these issues.

Here’s how DeepCrawl helps its eCommerce clients solve a magnitude of challenges.

My top pages aren’t crawled regularly by search engines

eCommerce sites with many pages need to ensure that search engines are able to crawl pages that should be indexed in search and avoid wasting crawl budget elsewhere on the site.

Here’s how DeepCrawl will help:

Resolve spider traps

Search engines often get lost crawling unimportant URLs on eCommerce sites. DeepCrawl helps you to understand and optimise URL structures so you can direct search engines to your most important pages.

Fix faulty pages

Our extensive HTTP status code reporting detects non-200 pages which may be broken, redirecting or returning server errors, so you can fix these for search engines and users alike.

See what Google sees

Our platform is able to ingest log file data meaning you can find out which pages search engine bots are accessing and identify where crawl budget is being wasted.

Surface buried pages

Highlight flaws in your website’s architecture to uncover pages buried too deep for search engines to find.

Search engines are indexing the wrong pages on my site

eCommerce sites can feature a mind-boggling number of product variations meaning search engines may index the wrong version of a page without careful management. DeepCrawl provides you with the data you need to ensure that the correct pages are shown in search.

Here’s how DeepCrawl will help:

Maximise product page value

Check your product pages are indexable and receiving impressions and traffic with our Google Search Console and Google Analytics integrations.

Detect unavailability

DeepCrawl can highlight out of stock and unavailable products that are appearing in search so you can avoid poor user experiences.

Pages Breakdown

provides a top-level overview of pages and their indexability, allowing you to identify groups of pages that may not be indexed by search engines including: broken, duplicated and failed URLs.

Minimise unnecessary categories

Uncover weak category pages which aren’t providing any value for users or search engines.

I need to improve my website’s mobile experience

Today’s mobile-focused consumers expect quick and consistent experiences across all of the devices they use. DeepCrawl features a range of features and functionality that assist you with providing exceptional mobile experiences your visitors want and need.

Here’s how DeepCrawl will help:

Mobile & desktop combined

Crawl with mobile and desktop user agents to understand the relationship between separate mobile and desktop sites as well as finding disparities with our Mobile Mismatch reporting.

Speed matters

DeepCrawl provides you with the speed insights that matter so you can prioritise optimisation initiatives that will lead to happy customers, including: fetch time, load time, First Contentful Paint and more.

Validate mobile configurations

We detect and analyze each type of mobile configuration including separate mobile and AMP pages.

Solve mobile issues

Our extensive mobile issues reporting identifies and eliminates blockers getting in the way of good mobile experiences, including: discouraged viewports, no rel alternate mobile URLs and pages with organic but not in sitemaps.

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