Structured Data

Used to mark-up elements on a webpage, structured data helps search engines further understand the content which is contained on a website. Structured data is also used to generate further rich results and featured snippets within search results. Our Hangout Notes cover recommendations for the implementation of structured data, as well as insights from Google.

Use Video File Structured Markup to Tell Google Which Countries a Video is Available In

August 9, 2019 Source

For videos that are only accessible in certain countries, make sure that the pages they are on are accessible in the HTML for all users, and that the video only plays for users in the right countries. Use video file markup to tell Google which countries the video is available in.

Sitelink Search Boxes Can Take a While To Display in Search Results

July 26, 2019 Source

Once you have implemented the markup for a sitelink search box it can take some time before it is shown in search results. Unlike rich results which can be displayed quickly after implementation, Google need to be able to see the sitelink search markup has been in place for a while before displaying it. John explained it can sometimes take up to a month before it is shown.

Aggregrate Structured Data Shouldn’t Be Used On Category Pages

July 12, 2019 Source

The aggregrate rating structured data should only be used for the same type of products, therefore John recommends not using it on category pages.

Avoid Implementing Structured Data Types Just Because Competitors Use Them

June 28, 2019 Source

Even the most recognisable brands can get things wrong, so avoid copying structured data elements just because your competitor is using them, as you don’t know if they are actually valid or profitable for the competitor site.

Images Implemented Via Lazy Loading Can be Used Like Any Other Image on a Page

June 25, 2019 Source

Images implemented via the lazy load script can be added to structured data and sitemaps without any issues, as long as they are embedded in a way that Googlebot is able to pick up.

Ensure Accordion FAQS Are Set up Correctly When Using Structured Markup

June 14, 2019 Source

An accordion style format can be used with FAQ structured markup to expand the answers when clicked on, as long as the question is visible by default.

Using How To and Recipe Structured Markup Together is Fine

June 14, 2019 Source

Using both How To and Recipe Structured Markup is fine, however Google will typically pick the most relevant one to show, depending on the intent of a user’s search.

Use the Rich Snippet Spam Result Form to Alert Google to Sites Misusing Structured Data

June 11, 2019 Source

If you see sites appearing for rich snippets which are misusing structured data and going against Google’s guidelines, you can submit a Rich Snippet Spam Result form to alert Google.

Use Structured Data Testing Tool, Search Console Help Forum & Documentation For Local Business Markup

June 11, 2019 Source

For implementing local business markup, use the documentation to see which attributes are required, the Structured Data Testing Tool for testing that these work, and the Google Search Console forum for getting advice from peers.

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